Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Product Development

A growing number of connected products and exponentially growing amount of data opens up totally new possibilities for product or service differentiation. We help to make optimum choices using artificial intelligence. Application examples are a prediction of the performance based on design decisions or guarantee performance for certain usage patterns.

We don’t replace product managers and engineers with algorithms, we offer intelligent assistance to boost your product development.


TCO-driven Product Development

A shift from product focus to service focus also requires a shift in a way of thinking about product development. Cost reduction need to be replaced with cost optimization.

We help customers to avoid the unnecessary costs of old-fashioned cost-reduction and re-align their development efforts with reduction of customers Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


Core-competences development

Digitalization, globalization, knowledge becoming commodity, faster development times – all of these factors require frequent check-ups of an organization’s core competencies. We help organizations handle this transformation in a systematic way, not just by hiring external „stars”.


Reducing complexity of product portfolio

The era of mass production is coming to an end. Customers expect more and more personalized solutions, or at least product platforms that they can customize to fit their needs. Addressing those trends by adding new components and options, will increase development and product costs exponentially. SORNEK&PARTNERS shows methodologies that help you control and reduce the costs without compromising your offer.



Mentoring first-time R&D managers

For many R&D and product managers, an engineering career is typical starting point. We help them change their mind set from problem solving to a broader perspective, looking at R&D activities holistically as part of company activities.


R&D Management for board members

Many companies try to implement production management logic to the Research and Development area. However, these two areas are governed by a completely different sets of rules. At SORNEK&PARTNERS, we train board members in understanding the peculiarities of R&D management and the growing importance of R&D in the company balance sheet.


Setting up new R&D operations

Globalization, shift of economic center of gravity, role of suppliers are undergoing rapid changes that often result in changes of R&D footprint. We offer our experience in the process, as well as advise how to integrate new structures with existing ones. The process is very sensitive one, as it creates uncertainty about the future among established units, and takes time to develop competencies in new location.



Pre-acquisition due diligence

The paradox of pre-acquisition due diligence is the fact that while we usually buy a new company or brand with hope for future revenue and profits, we mainly check its financial history. At SORNEK&PARTNERS, we strongly believe that in the times of accelerating technological development, this old-school approach is no longer effective. We offer help with the assessment of acquisition target product development status and basic benchmarks with other peer companies. Above all, we check whether the product development area was not heavily underinvested prior to acquisition, hiding the cost of restoring R&D.

Benchmarking your R&D

The R&D unit is often the most secret part of your organization, naturally isolated from straightforward comparison in terms of R&D efficiency. We offer independent benchmarking efficiency services for your R&D organization.



Stepping in to transform R&D organization

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