R&D due diligence

Pre-acquisition due diligence

Paradox of pre-acquisition due diligence is the fact, that while we usually buy new company or brand with hope for future revenue and profits, we check mainly financial history. At SORNEK&PARTNERS we strongly believe that in the times of accelerating technology development this old-school approach is basically wrong. We offer help with the assessment of acquisition target product development status. We offer basic benchmark with other peer companies, but above this we check whether product development area was not heavily underinvested prior to acquisition, hiding the cost of bringing R&D to a good level again.

Benchamarking your R&D

R&D unit is often the most secret part of your organization, naturally isolated from straightforward comparison in terms of R&D efficiency. We offer independent services of benchmaking efficiency of your R&D organization.

Benchamarking your R&D

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