TCO-driven Product Development

Quite often companies focus on a product features that has been at the center of their development efforts for long time. During course of years engineers and product managers assume that this is „the thing” that matters the most for their customers. Quite often they miss the total picture of customer’s business. At SORNEK&PARTNERS we help customers to re-align their development efforts with reduction of customers TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Read more


Developing core-competences

Digitalization, globalization, knowledge becoming commodity, faster development times require more frequent check-up of organization core competencies. At SORNEK&PARTNERS we help organizations to handle this transformation in systematic way not just by hiring external „stars”.


Setting up new R&D operations

Globalization, shift of economic center of gravity, role of suppliers are undergoing rapid changes that often result in changes of R&D footprint. We offer our experience in the process, as well as advise how to integrate new structures with existing ones. The process is very sensitive one, as it creates uncertainty about the future among established units, and takes time to develop competencies in new location.


Reducing complexity of your portfolio

Era of mass production is coming to an end. Customers expect more and more personalized solutions or at least product platforms that they can customize to fit their needs. Addressing those trends by adding new components and options, wil grow your development (and product) costs exponentially. SORNEK&PARTNERS shows methodologies that help you reduce or control the costs without compromising offering.

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